New Release: Akka 0.10

Simpler Concurrency

Write simpler concurrent (yet correct) applications using Actors, STM & Transactors.

Event-driven Architecture

The perfect platform for asynchronous event-driven architectures. Never block.

True Scalability

Scale out on multi-core or multiple nodes using asynchronous message passing.


Embrace failure. Write applications that self-heal using Erlang-style Actor supervisor hierarchies.

Transparent Remoting

Remote Actors gives you a high-performance transparent distributed programming model.

Scala & Java API

Scala and Java API as well as Spring and Guice integration. Deploy in your application server or run stand-alone.

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Create a Remote Actor on another node that receives and replies to messages sent to it from a client node.

Java API

// server code
class HelloWorldActor extends UntypedActor {
  public void onReceive(Object msg) {
    getContext().reply(msg + " World");
RemoteNode.start("localhost", 9999).register(

// client code
ActorRef actor = RemoteClient.actorFor(
  "hello-service", "localhost", 9999);
Object res = actor.sendRequestReply("Hello");

Scala API

// server code
class HelloWorldActor extends Actor {
  def receive = { 
    case msg => self reply (msg + " World")
RemoteNode.start("localhost", 9999).register(
  "hello-service", actorOf[HelloWorldActor])

// client code
val actor = RemoteClient.actorFor(
  "hello-service", "localhost", 9999)
val result = actor !! "Hello"

That's it. Can't be much simpler.



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